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Update of Pinshape winners of week 2!


With the development of internet and maker culture, more makers are using 3D printing technology to convey their thought and innovate.

After we released the five winners of Pinshape contest week 1, many people showed their enthusiasm in 3D printing.



Remarks from fans:

@Technology lover:“ When will the next week winners be announced? Can't wait to see the models they use!”


@Industry Technology lover:“ These prints look very simple but in fact it took much effort making them! But 3D printing technique indeed has increased the effectiveness.”


@Tinker_Thinker:“ This contest also provide with a 15% off discount! I'll sign up too!”



The Pinshape contest will end in 20days. If you're interested please join us asap! Now let's see the five prints that won week 2 selection!


Pinshape winners' works of week 2

Hoverworld - 3D Printed by paulo_varella

Print time: 8 hr(s)

Print material:ABS

Layer height:0.05 mm

Print speed:18000.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:235.0 °C

Infill:30.0 %



Hoverworld is a design where the designer tried force the idea of hovering objects while still being able to put the parts together in a solid piece. 

It is based in a futuristic cafe/bar. The girl is sitting on a hovering stool, drinking her smoothie out of a cup on a hovering coaster, while stroking her dog inside her hovering bag.

There is some spilled liquid that is floating against gravity towards the stool suggest that there is some sort of force between the ground and the chair pushing it apart. 

It is formed of 6 parts all together!



Chopper Onepiece - 3D Printed by GarawakeArt


Printing material:ABS

Infill:20.0 %




Models from cartoons are always much welcomed for 3D printing lovers.


Last week we got one from Bleach and this time is this adorable chopper from Onepiece. This chooper looks perfect in ABS, right?


Pendant1 - 3D Printed by marco_tacchetto

Print time: 2 hr(s) 32 min(s)

Print material: resin   

Layer height:0.05 mm

Extrusion temperature:31.0 °C

Infill:100.0 %



This pendant looks like a normal one but can you imagine that it's printed with resin with 100% infill rate under 31℃?


It's a good example that how 3D printing technology can change manufacturing.


8-Bit Classic Mario - 3D Printed by zed_zer0

Print time: 4 hr(s)

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.2 mm

Print speed:60.0 mm/s

Extrusion temperature:210.0 °C

Infill:10.0 %



This Retro Mario figure was modeled from a Nintendo Wii U Amiibo Mario Figure.This model has a large number of tightly arranged parts with just enough gap to interlock.

He glued up the blue parts and attached the feet, then assembled the face area (make sure to attach ears before assembling the hair). Then he attached the head to the torso and finally added the hat and arms.


Hand Hanger - 3D Printed by PoppaBax

Print material:PLA

Layer height:0.2 mm

Print speed:90.0 mm/s

Infill:12.0 %




This 3D printed hand hanger is extremely useful to place on your wall and used to put your keys or hang your coat!


These are all five winners of week 2! Come and submit your work to win some eSUN filaments! You can also join Pinshape now and buy filaments from Amazon with a special coupon: PINSHA15.






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