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A Review of Inside 3D Printing Mumbai 2017


A few days ago, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing wore a 3D printed dress by Iris Van Herpen.

Iris is famous for applying 3D technology in fashion industry. 




Unlike traditional technology, 3D printing with its unique degree of simulation as well as rich graphic color is making up for some of the shortcomings of ordinary fabric. This amazing 3D printing skirt has successfully attracted a nationwide attention.



Technology changes our life, with the growing maturity of 3D printing technology, the entire manufacturing industry will have a new breakthrough!

In the meantime, from December 1 to December 2, Inside 3D Printing Mumbai exhibition is attracting the world's attention to 3D printing technology.



Driven by a huge demand on 3D printing in recent years and national policy, it's reported that the total sales of 3D printer in India is expected to reach $ 79 million by 2021.



On this exhibition, except for local businesses in India, many well-known 3D printing companies in other countries also participated, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, medical health, jewelry, hand model and other industries.



Indians have a high enthusiasm for 3D printing. The technology exhibited on site is also very rich and colorful. Every day, an endless stream of visitors is coming to participate in the event.

The new HP 3D Hig Reusability PA12 inkjet fusion 3D printing solution dramatically reduces operating costs and increases productivity.



All kinds of robots displayed by the American toy company Sphero at the show, from Spider-Man to space robots, are well loved by people. These robots are all made of 3D printing.



Industrial-grade Indie printer, developed by MaherSoft, a Mumbai-based company in India, has been able to withstand thousands of hours of continuous print testing and display a variety of fine print on the spot.



Remember the 89th Academy Awards in 2017? The gold award trophy is the use of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. And on this 3D printing exhibition, there are even more exquisite 3D printed trophies!



Apart from trophies, 3D printing technology can also be applied to jewelry making. Printed with biomaterial, these jewelry are still shiny as gold.



Medical industry is using 3D technology vastly. Here is a 3d printed skeleton, much like the characters in the movie “Coco”right?



This is the third time we exhibited in Inside 3D Printing Mumbai. As the last exhibition of 2017, we have received a lot!



Many audiences have showed interest in eFlex, eLastic, PVA, ePA-CF and other eSUN filaments. They commented that eSUN PLA+ is one of the best filaments they have used.



Much of them are attracted by our low temperature 3D pen. Our isun3d LTP 4.0 is the perfect educational tool and the perfect tool to paint and create.



We also showed our newest product- eBox, the 3D printing filament storage box that helps to keep your filaments protected and moisture-free. In addition to its moisture-proof and dust-proof features, eBOX also integrates a weighing function.



We are so honored to have to many audiences visiting our booth. It helps us to make more valuable and high quality products for our customers.




That's all about Inside 3D Printing Mumbai.

See you next year!






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