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3D printing has already changed people’s life. eSUN will bring so many new products in the Rapid+TCT.


In the eye’s of so many people, additive manufacturing and daily necessities are totally different from each other. It is really cool to use 3D printing technology on producing an electric car within three days. However, no one is going to investigate what 3D printing can bring to life, and life is still the same.


Until have participated in several TCT global exhibitions, there is a thing flash into my mind, that I have a friend who just got a baby, their life may have changed by eSUN 3D printing. As a new father, this friend always wants to make every effort to care for the baby. As a creative maker, he purchased a printer and plans to carry out his own hands on DIY the baby's toys. In many people's eyes, the 3D printer is just a tool for printing three-dimensional portraits.



Additive manufacturing is not exclusive to a certain group. It will always come to every ordinary person in various forms. Moreover, it will change the details of our lives and eventually promote an era.


The power of a brand is sometimes amazing. If you have known more about additive manufacturing, then you will definitely know about the TCT brand.


TCT is not only represents the world's leading brand of additive manufacturing exhibition, but also tried very hard to promote the development of 3D printing and the adoption of this technology in all fields of life.



April 24-27, 2018

【Rapid+TCT 2018】

Will be held at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas, USA




During this exhibition, hundreds of 3D printing manufacturers will gather here. It will certainly attract so many visitors here; And more than 100 media platforms will have lived reports for the exhibition. Thus, this exhibition will become an important channel for companies to release the latest new products.


Therefore, you could see hundreds of hand-made exhibits, and looking forward to the breakthrough of new released products. What’s more, you will have a chance to communicate with the most experienced and influential 3D manufacturing groups on how the 3D technology can contribute to a more powerful productivity and makes the components more lighter. As you will be seen, 3D printing will increase efficiency while reducing costs.




New technologies, new machines and new materials are constantly emerging to promote the rapid development of the additive manufacturing industry. eSUN as the leading brand of global 3D printing materials, will certainly bring so many new products to the exhibition. Don't miss it!



Exhibition:Rapid+TCT 2018

Date     :April 24-27, 2018

Location  : A-F Hall, Fort Worth Convention Center in Texas, USA,

Booth    :325





New product package






Before using the filaments, consumers will be both troubled in putting away the spool. Refilament filaments combined with Respool can perfect tackle this problem. What’s more, the Refilament lined neat, reducing the knot of the filaments; the Respool can be reused to save resources; at the same time, it also saves the transportation costs and reduces the spool’s transportation.The eBOX can be used to heat and dry the filaments at any time, and it also has the function of moisture-proof and dustproof, and the residual condition of the filaments are been monitored.


【eResin-PLA+LCD/DLP printer】




eResin-PLA resin is the world's first bio-based, its’safe and environmentally friendly; high-precision printing, and good hardness, scratch resistance; hydrophobicity, dry surface , not easy to absorb moisture. Supporting LCD printers with built-in upgrading new light source; open structure and chute, automatic leveling; high precision, high speed, and combined with cost-effective. DLP printer adopts DLP digital light processing system with LED light source industrial grade light machine; printing dot matrix is intensive,  guarantee 50,000 hours life.



Photocuring Solution

[low temperature 3D printing pen + low-temperature filaments package]



The isun3d low temperature 3D printing pen has upgraded in terms of safety, convenience, usability, and matching products. The appearance become more small and exquisite, with simple structure, under one-button operation, compatible with Android data cable and Android power adapter, and its’USB interface facilitate it can worked with mobile power, to meet the creation needs at anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the related eMate low-temperature printing pen filaments package, is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a good flexibility, low temperature printing and molding, but also can be used in the pattern of re-shaping.


Hot Sale

eSoluble filament 




This is a kind of support material, its’printing effect is really excellent. Compared with the usual PVA filaments in the market, eSoluble’s water soluble speed is three times faster, dissolve faster and easier to peel; Under the condition of adequate water and without stirring, eSoluble can quickly dissolve in one hour.  If increase the water temperature or stirring speedly, you can accelerate its’dissolution. The surface of the printing model will not leave any scratch, and low hygroscopicity can also make it easier to store. eSoluble can perfectly matched with the other filaments, such as PLA / ABS / PETG and etc.


eTPU-98A filaments




eSUN's eTPU-98A filaments, which has passed the US FDA certification. It does not add any plasticizer and it is environmentally friendly. Excellent hardness, wear resistance, weather resistance, low shrinkage and the printed products are of good stability; Moreover, it can compatible with the most 3D printers, and it has a variety of colors for consumer choice.


eBamboo filament



eBamboo, it is a kind of polymer-based wood-plastic composite material. A new type of material that is pre-treated with plant fibers or powder as the main component and compounded with a polymer resin matrix. It has a woody texture and woody aroma. And can be renewable, insect-proof, anti-corrosion, sprayable and etc., What’s more, it has a long service life, good for the environment.


ePA-GF filament




ePA-GF adopted by short glass fiber reinforced nylon. Compared with pure nylon filaments, its’ mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, creep resistance and fatigue strength all have been greatly improved, and the shrinkage of molding has been improved. What’s more, hygroscopicity is reduced. Thus, it has an excellent printing performance.



ePEEK filament



ePEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with high heat resistance. It can be used at 250°C for a long period of time. The available temperature can reach to 315°C instantly. Moreover, It has a high strength, high fracture toughness and excellent stability; and its’chemical resistance, flammability resistance and the ablity of resistance to the radiation are also excellent; Good self-lubrication, stable insulation, hydrolysis resistance. What’s more, its’toughness and fatigue resistance to alternating stress are standing out from the other plastics filaments, that’s made the ePEEK can compared with alloy materials; Moreover, ePEEK can maintain high wear resistance at 250°C and comparatively keep low coefficient from friction.


eASA filament



eASA has a similar structure to ABS. As an engineering plastic, it has an excellent mechanical and physical properties. In the polymerization process, due to the replacement of butadiene who containing double bonds, it has excellent weatherability and UV resistance; what’s more, it also be of the high temperature resistance, and eASA is also an anti-static material, it can make the materials’ surface accumulate less dust.



Star Products


PLA+ filament


PLA+ is a bio-material extracted from corn grain, naturally degradable and non-polluting to the environment; Hard and strong; High rigidity; Good gloss and hardness; Printing process is non-toxic, odorless, non-curling, no warping. What’s more, PLA+ can be used in large model printing, its’printing temperature is 205-225 °C.


PETG filament




PETG filament is odorless when printing, and it has good water repellency, high transparency and good glossiness due to its’good shrinkage rate. Moreover, it has outstanding toughness and high impact strength; Due to the good fluidity, the processing range is also wide, and it can also be recycled, great for the environmental protection.


ePA-CF filament




eSUN adopted nylon as a substrate to produce ePA-CF (carbon fiber-reinforced nylon) filament with 20% carbon fiber, which is highly environmentally friendly; Its’printing performance is smoothly, with high precision, toughness and wear resistance; And the high flame retardancy is the ePA-CF's best features, reaching UL94-V2 flame retardant level, innovative overcoming the non-high temperature problem of traditional materials.


PVA filament



This filament is suitable for all FDM double extrusion head machines, such as Makerbot, Up, RepRap, Cubify. It can be hydrolyzed at room temperature, with the characteristic of softness, safety and environmental protection. The printing model was made into the supporting structure of the suspended part. When it was printed and then soaked in water. After a period of time, the holder and the model were automatically separated with the dissolved process.


eClean filament




eClean filament has a certain viscosity, which can bring out the residual material in the nozzle of the 3D printer to prevent carbon residue from clogging the nozzle, especially when the high and low temperature materials are switched over. Its thermal stability is also very good. And eventhough, under the high temperature, it is not easy to decompose, that makes the nozzl will not blocked even it stays in the nozzle for a long time. When tested on a 3D printer, the cleaning filament can be normally extruded in the temperature range of 150 °C -260 °C, so its’cleaning temperature is of flexibility.


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