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The secret for a Mid-Autumn Festival moon lamp!

 Thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese authors and poets would look up to the full moon on Mid-Autumn Festival and miss their families. Now we can not only admire the beauty of full moon on Mid-Autumn Festival, but also hold the moon in our hand whenever we like.


The most popular 3D-printed object for Mid-Autumn Festival—Moon Lamp

  This year A 3D-printed moon lamp is the best-seller in China. People like to put this high-tech, romantic decoration in their home and it's used widely in all kinds of events.


  In this year's Mid-Autumn Festival Party of CCTV, everyone holds a moon lamp when performing.


  After the party, people are crazy for this lamp and all of a sudden it becomes the most-welcomed present, because of the idea it conveys and its exquisite appearance.


The moon lamp is the best example for consumer-grade 3D printing industry


  Till now it's still the best seller for consumer-grade 3D print market. Among all the stores, the top seller has reached more than 3,900 sales and the figure continues to grow.



  The explanation for this moon lamp boom is that it's the perfect combination of creativeness and technology. As one of the most important festivals in China for people to get reunion with families, the shape of moon is like the best object to express their feeling to the loved ones. And the combination of 3D printing technology has also given it a high-tech“label”.


  The success of this moon lamp has showed us the potential of consumer-grade market. With popularity of 3D printing and reduction in cost for device, 3D printing technology has gradually become an important way of modern social manufacturing, medical, space, design and transportation and other fields are also improved through this technology innovation. We believe that 3D printing will change our lives gradually.


  The first moon lamp is not printed with FDM 3D printer. It's a round base or spherical lampshade covered with the picture of moon. Now it's all 3D printed but the quality deeply relies on the filaments it uses. Filaments with poor quality may leave small black spots on surface or may easily break when smashes.     



  eSUN PLA+ filament, with its reliable quality and environmental attribute, can bring you the safest and most reliable 3D printed moon lamp.    


Environment-friendly, green and degradable filament

  eSUN PLA+ is a biological filament made from corn which is degradable and harmless to our environment. It's non-toxic and odorless, you need no to worry about the safety of your 3D moon lamp!



Strong toughness and rigidity, safe and better quality

  PLA+ is ten times much tougher than ordinary PLA and has better rigidity. It's also glossy and more transparent. A eSUN PLA+ moon lamp can present better visual effect and won't break easily.

Smooth printing and multiple color choice

  The whole printing process for moon lamp is almost 27 hours. So you need a filament with no warping and no cracking. In this case eSUN PLA+ is your best choice! It has 10 colors to choose from, suitable to print big object and the best printing temperature is 190-210℃.



  What are you waiting for? Print your own moon lamp with eSUN PLA+ and give your life and your loved ones more happiness!




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