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eSUN 3D FILAMENT eAl-fill Natural

Product Description :

Print temperature最佳打印温度范围为200~220℃;
Print bed: Stick masking paper, not heated底板贴美纹纸;
Printing speed喷嘴打印速度为30~60mm/s,
Free speed空移速度90~150mm/s。

Instruction Application


After adding aluminum to 3D printing material, it’s not only environmentally friendly, but less shrinkage, lower molding temperature and good liquidity, thus, the printed items no warp and easily be processing.once after polishing ,there is silver metallic sense and looks very shiny.



- Environmentally friendly and odorless when printing.
- Less Shrinkage, printing products without warped edge.
- Lower molding temperature, better mobility, and easy processing.
- Print molded product’s surface showed metal texture after polished.

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