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eSUN eResin-ABS

Product Description :

Instruction Application

eSUN analyses SLA 3D printing technology from the perspective of molecular, combining the molecular structure, physical properties and photochemical reactions of material, to create the first domestic self-developed SLA printing consumable brand. isun3d provides engineering consumables for different 3D printers , in order to upgrade rapid prototyping technology and accelerate your innovation.


rigid eResin-ABS

eResin-ABS which is our hardest and most widely applicable polyurethane, features high strength, high toughness and high wear resistance. These advantages make it particularly suitable for electronic products, automotive manufacturing, industrial parts and other fields that need good mechanical properties.

Flexible eResin-TPU

wear resistance, repeated stretching characteristics is designed to use in manufacture ring the parts that need to be repeatedly drawn, such as hinges and friction devices.


shows excellent elasticity under high strength extrusion and repeated tension, which makes it applicable for shock absorber, gasket, sealing device and other parts with high elasticity, impact resistance and tear resistance requirements.


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