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3D printing insoles system

iSUN3D printing orthopedic insoles system

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iSUN3D medical insole 3D printing system, The first in China 

iSUN3D medical insole 3D printing system has greatly improved the efficiency, productivity, quality and cost of similar systems. eSUN also applied for patented technology, using 3D scanning to obtain user foot data, applying high soft TPU material and iSUN3D FLX printer to print a pair of insoles that are completely suitable for the user's foot type to fix and maintain the foot health. Here are the details steps:


iSUN3D medical insole 3D printing system




Matched with eSUN eTPU-95A filament

eTPU-95A has high flexibility and high resilience, which will greatly reduce the permanent deformation rate of the material. At the same time, it has moisture permeability and hydrolysis resistance, so that insoles can be washable and survive cold and warm conditions. It is highly transparent with higher flexibility and hardness to ensure stable print size and shape. As an environmentally friendly material, it prints smoothly with no odor and no need to heat the bottom plate when printing. The surface of the product is also easy to color. 




The material is bio compatible, safe and environmentally friendly and iSUN3D FLX printer can print fast. Due to the breakthrough of 3D printing technology, the insole printing time has been shortened from 30 hours to 30-60 minutes, and the system is integrated and easy to operate. Undoubtedly, this technology will greatly improve the traditional manufacturing modes of hand-made and CAM.


(iSUN3D printed insole)


Taking advantage of 3D printing and sharing eSUN's innovative resources

eSUN takes advantage of its own materials, integrates global resources to develop a foot scanning—design—3D printing—post-processing system and put it into practical use. It has established orthopedic insole design and 3D printing processing center in Shenzhen and Hubei Xiaogan. eSUN hopes to build a scanning franchise network and a centralized design center by establishing a centralized print service center, thus forming a complete print service center—design center—distributed scanning network system. iSUN3D orthopedic insole 3D printing solution seamlessly interfaces with eSUN 3D printing system, and share eSUN design center and 3D printing processing center.


The scanning and design of current insoles are relatively mature on the market, and orthopedic insoles are no longer only hand-made or CAM manufactured. The unique creation of eSUN 3D printing insole system completely replaces the traditional orthopedic insole manufacturing process. Different from the production of CAM orthopedic insole, it has the following advantages:


(1) Save manpower, no rely on CAM engineer;

(2) Save materials, reduce CAM material waste;

(3) Focus on environmental protection, no CAM noise and exhaust pollution;

(4) Improved performance, TPU has better resilience than EVA , using hollow structure to guide moisture and sweat.



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