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Creality new CR-30 3DPrintMill was launched on kickstarter and can be used with eSUN filaments

Creality new CR-30 3DPrintMill was launched on kickstarter and pledge over 700,000USD in the first 10 hours. It's an Infinite-Z volume 3D printer with continuous 3D Printing, a cross between a traditional 3D printer and a conveyer belt, promotes the attempt of commercialization of 3D printers!



This continuous printing 3D Printer is compatible with eSUN 3kg/5kg filaments and various industrial-grade eSUN filaments, which will give users a brand new printing experience. Get the revolutionary printer now:


What is an Infinite-Z 3D Printer?


3DPrintMill is obviously different from any printers released before. As an infinite Z-volume 3D printer, it's a cross between a traditional 3D printer and a conveyer belt, which means you could get continuous, unattended and extremely long 3D prints by tilting the bed 45 degrees.


1、Continuous, unattended part printing. Parts are 3D printed, the heated belt advances, and the parts detach themselves and fall into a bin. No more constantly prying pieces off a heated bed and starting the print process again. The 3DPrintMill can turn an entire 1, 5, or 10-kilogram roll of plastic filament into dimensionally accurate plastic parts with no human supervision.


2、Extremely long (theoretically “infinite” along the Z-axis) 3D prints. By tilting the bed 45 degrees, the back of the printed object advances out of the 3D printer- while the front is still being printed inside the printer. The longest print out of the 3DPrintMill to date is a 20 foot/6 meter long bar- all one piece, produced by a machine only 66cm long.


eSUN compatible filaments recommendation


FDA Certified;

Eco-friendly and easy to print filament.;

Tougher than normal PLA, hard to break.;

Higher strength than ABS and PETG;

Printed object is drillable and sawable;

Bright colors, smooth printed surface;

Stable quality, perfect for printing large scale oject;

Compatible with all types of FDM filament Printers;



2019 best PETG filament by;

Excellent balance of cost, printability and functional application;

Printed object has certain transparency ;

Better durability, toughness and heat resistance than PLA;

Ideal for printing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment);


Welcome to buy and try! Get one set now and try it yourself!

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