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Have a glance at eSUN new Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA filament!

eSUN has added Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA filament to the PLA collection?

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Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA filament are two luminous PLA filament to turn your wild ideas to reality! With its unique gradient, luminous appearance and starry sky colors, it can also get more innovative applications in other industries and fields.



▶ Glow-in-the-dark filament can achieve the luminous effect after absorbing sunlight or irradiating with ultraviolet light for a period of time;

▶ Glow-in-the-dark filament is added with colorful luminous powder on the basis of PLA, which can show colorful gradient luminous color and starlight color after light absorption or UV lamp irradiation;

▶ Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA filament are modified based on PLA, which is easier to print than ABS, does not require a constant temperature chamber, can print large objects without warping and prints smoothly without clogging.

Recommend printing temp 215-230°C
Be temp


(Masking paper, PVP solid glue, glass board, carbon fiber board, PEI)

Print speed 40-100mm/s
Color distance (Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA) 15-20m

Note: Glow-in-the-dark filaments are very easy to grind nozzles and extruder gears. It is recommended to use hardened steel nozzles or ruby nozzles. Hardened steel extruder gears can be selected if possible. If the printing time of the throat is long, it needs to be replaced.


As early as 2016, eSUN has already launched glow-in-the-dark PLA that is well-received.

Prints by eSUN printing center 



Print by @b3dproducts


Print by ks3dprints


In addition to the application in the field of props and cultural and creative fields, glow-in-the-dark filaments are also deeply loved by users in other industries. Take the example of clothing Industry, 3D printing luminous gloves, luminous clothing, and luminous shoes can bring unique surprises to fashion people. 3D printed luminous street signs and luminous maps are both practical and artistic.



eSUN Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA, based on the advantages of Luminous PLA, is given a more beautiful visual effect. Applications in other industries such as the clothing industry can also have more possibilities.


3D printing, an industry full of creativity and artistry, is helping to realize product development and design, and a means of achieving innovative ideas and individualization. Filaments are a necessary condition for imagination.




In April 2021, eSUN Glow-in-the-dark Rainbow PLA and Stars PLA will officially meet with you. Stay tuned!


At the same time, eSUN will continue to increase the research and development of 3D printing materials with various properties and appearances to provide consumers with more choices and provide a variety of efficient solutions for the industry.



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