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Easy to use and cost-effective! eSUN's ePLA-Gloss is here!

Easy to use and cost-effective!  eSUN's ePLA-Gloss is here!


EPLA-Gloss is a cost-effective and economical PLA launched by eSUN in July.


Product appearance and application display



As the name suggests, the main feature of the ePLA-Gloss is the appearance of the "gloss surface". Through the comparison of the printing model using general PLA and ePLA-Gloss, you may be able to see the advantages of ePLA-Gloss more intuitively and clearly:


model printed with general PLA


照片 160


model printed with ePLA-Gloss



According to the picture above, we can tell that the surface of the model printed with ePLA-Gloss is smooth, the gloss surface is pleasing to the eye, giving people a full and bright visual experience.


Compared with ordinary PLA, ePLA-Gloss has improved toughness to make the wireless brittle. At the same time, the support is easier to peel from the surface than other materials. Using ePLA-Gloss to print models not only has good gloss but also brings many surprises to model texture.



Compared with ABS materials, ePLA-Gloss has higher rigidity and PC-like strength and does not require a closed cavity. And ePLA-Gloss has low shrinkage, no warping, no cracking, which makes it suitable for large-size models printing; It has no irritation odor, is safe and environmentally friendly; and prints smoothly for a long time without clogging. It can be used for early concept models and rapid prototyping.


ePLA-Gloss has a price advantage and better appearance. Except for strength and accuracy slightly are inferior to PLA and PLA+ materials. It has a good performance in general model printing and production. If you do not have high requirements for strength and accuracy, why not give ePLA-Gloss a shot, it might surprise you.


More color choices are coming.


And if you have high strength and precision requirements, PLA, PLA+ are still your beat choices.


It is worth mentioning that ePLA-Gloss is also a green and environmentally friendly material. Its spool is based on PETG, ABS, PLA and other production waste and industrial waste. The outer box uses a recyclable carton to make 3D printing more sustainable.



ePLA-Gloss parameter:




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