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Never lose your screwdriver bits again with this useful 3D printed tool wristband

We’ve already known for a while that construction work and 3D printing technology are a great combination, thanks to all those projects working to realize 3D printed homes. But they are also literally going hand in hand, as Shapeways designer and all-round 3D printing entrepreneur Fernando Sosa proves. He has designed a useful, stylish and fun accessory that will ensure that you will never lose your screwdriver bits again while working: the 3D printed Tool Wristband.

As you can see in the photos above, the name literally covers the wristband's entire concept. It's a cool-looking wristband for men that can be used to store all your screwdriver or drill bits when you're not using them – and will ensure that you look cool while doing so. As Fernando explained on his Instructablespage, he decided to design the Tool Wristband upon seeing a similar product online priced at several hundred dollars. ‘I’m not sure if I want to drop that much money if I can make one myself. So I went to work on my computer, drafted some 3D files, 3D printed some prototypes,’ he writes.

While the initial design required screws to be assembled, Fernando was all out. Instead of going to Home Depot, he simply modified his 3D renderings to feature a far easier to use clicking system that can be 3D printed as a single piece. 'So I went back to the drawing board and 3d modelled the whole thing. I also placed each link in a manner that maximizes the way it prints. This method pretty much allows me to print the entire bracelet all at once,' he adds.

Fernando runs his own webstore on both Shapeways and Etsy, where you can order your own Tool Wristband for about $50. But in deference to the principles of open source design, Fernando has fortunately also shared his designs for free on Thingiverse here, which you can just 3D print at home. That process is fairly straightforward. ‘I think I used 50% infill or less to keep the print strong and on the lighter side. I reduced the support to the minimum but I think you can 3d print the entire thing without support but don’t quote me on that,’ he adds.

As you can see, the entire clicking system revolves around storing these bits, so it's crucial to make sure they all fit in their place. To ensure that, you need to put them into the slots as soon as the wristband comes off the print bed. 'Remove the bracelet from the print bed and one by one insert the screw bit into place,' Fernando explains. 'You have to be there when the print finishes and it still is warm. Start putting the screw bits into place while it still warm and do it quick or you will have to use a heat gun.' While a little bit unorthodox, it's an easy and simple way to quickly get your hands on this very cool must-have accessory.

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