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Product Description :

The espool is a reusable and detachable spool specially designed for filament refills with no spool.

Instruction Application

eSpool uses video​(Click to view)


eSpool Introduction (Click to download)





1. Using transparent PC material, real-time observation of filaments usage, high strength and toughness

2. Sheet body assembly structure, light weight, space saving, convenient transportation, resource saving, reusable, environmentally friendly

3. Large hollow structure, PC material that can withstand high temperature, convenient for drying conventional and high-performance filaments

4. The packaging bag is made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly PBAT and PLA biological materials, in line with EU export standards








Basic intro

PC material

High toughness and strength



Assembled structure

Saving space

Save space,  convenient transportation, save resources, and environment friendly


Snap design


No loosening occurs during use


The packagng bag uses PBAT and PLA biological materials


Environmental friendly, in line with EU export standards


Additional intro

Large hollow structure, PC material

Breathable and good temperature resistance

Convenient for drying conventional and high-performance filaments.


PC material



Observe the usage of filaments in real time.




Environmental friendly:

The product can be disassembled and recycled and is environmentally friendly; the packaging bag is made of biodegradable PBAT and PLA biological materials.

Seedling mark logo


Product design concept:

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, the usage of 3D printing filaments has also increased sharply. Among them, FDM 3D Printing has gradually become the mainstream. The filaments used in FDM 3D printing are mostly filaments with spools,which occupies a large space and certain weight, and is inconvenient to pack and transport, resulting in higher transportation costs. The production cost is high and would cost high waste of resources and environmental pollution when you throw away the spools that cannot be recycled. To protect our environment, this detachable and reusable espool was designed.


Product patent:

Utility model (examination); design



Assembly instructions:

1. First, distinguish the front and back of the espool, the side with grooves and label slots is the front side, and the smooth side is the back side;

2. Align the 3 pieces of the small piece with the fixing holes and insert them into the back of the disc;

3. Put the filament refills into espool;

4. Align the other disc with the fixed pillar and press and splice.

Assembly instructions-1

Assembly instructions-2

Assembly instructions-3

Assembly instructions-4





 Possible reason


The latch structure is difficult to insert

Mess up with front and back side


The concave side is the front side, and the smooth side is the back side

When changing filaments, the remaining filaments are scattered

Change filaments without using up

It is recommended to use half or more before replace it. Before changing the filament, use a band to pass through the hollow part to bind the remaining filaments.

The latch structure is difficult to pull out

Harder to hold by hand

Use tools, or use greater force to press and pull out

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